I never knew any of the ninety men whose names are etched in stone on the Barrow-upon-Soar War Memorial, only of their cause and their sacrifices, like so many brave men and women the world over who fought and died.






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Remembrance Sunday 2008

Ralph Bowles and Lance Corporal Warren Whiteman 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) 

Counsellor Roy Brown -  Royal British Legion Standard Bearer


  The Reverend Tom Stone 


Rev. Tom Stone - The Vicar of Barrow-upon-Soar during The Great War years

Rev. Tom Stone, the Vicar of Barrow for 19 years, died on 13th September, 1923, aged 64 years. Rev. & Mrs. Stone's only child, Lieutenant Tom Pearse Griffith Stone, Royal Field Artillery, was killed in Mesopotamia 5th Feb. 1917, Aged 24. There is a story that after arriving home from comforting two families in Barrow on the loss of their sons, he was met by The Bishop of Leicester who broke the news that his only son had  been killed. Lt. Stone is memorialised on his parents tombstone.
A stained glass window in the Memorial Chapel at Holy Trinity Church, Barrow-upon-Soar, was given in memory of their son.

It is in respect of Rev. Stone's personal bond to each of these men as Vicar of Barrow and the fact that his only son was killed in the war that I felt he should be included in this memorial to the war dead of Barrow.

Rev. Tom Stone conducted the funeral services for all 7 of the men who were killed in WWI who were returned home for burial in Barrow-upon-Soar Cemetery. It was Rev. Stone who comforted the families of the 71 men killed in The Great War of 1914-1918.

Rev. W. H. Dew buried 8 World War II men, and Father Emery buried 1. A total of 16 men are buried in The Barrow-upon-Soar Cemetery.

Memorial to the Rev. Tom Stone - The tablet was erected in 1927 on the south wall of the Chancel as a result of contributions  from parishioners and friends. It was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Loughborough, on 13 September, 1927 (the anniversary of his death). From A Brief History Guide to Holy Trinity Church by Lynne Brookes

2nd Lieutenant George West MM 27383

"B" Company, 9th Battery, attached 6th Battalion, Leicester Regiment
Killed 22 March 1918, age 23 Poziers Memorial, Pozieres, Somme, France

 Remembered on West Family headstone Barrow-upon-Soar Cemetery
Plot: C-924

   Lt. West wrote in a letter to his sister . . .
'I have no thought for myself. I only want to be spared to account for a reasonable share of the hatred we have for the Jerry's, then I am ready to go under. I often imagine myself settled down again in England.
I mean settled down for life, no more wondering about for me. I have had enough of it.
When you hear I am likely to get my discharge, you must look out for a nice little cottage big enough for two.'
   Died age 23 on Friday, 22 March 1918 

2nd Lieutenant George West MM 27383 (Far Left) with his family in 1916. His brother Richard (Far Right) survived the war.




Father of 2nd Lieutenant George West,  Joseph West in front of the West Family home on Armistice Day 1919,

Military Medal MM, British War Medal, Victory Medal, French Croix de Guerre with Palm

Medals and Next Of Kin Death Plaque of Corporal George West 27383  "B" Company, 9th Battery, attached 6th Battalion  Leicestershire Regiment Killed 22 March 1918 aged 23.
Corporal West  was awarded the Military Medal and promoted to Sergeant 'for distinguished acts of gallantry.' Later promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.






Private Thomas Lovett  (far right) 240769 - 1st/5th Battalion, Leicester Regiment
Killed 25 August 1917, age 22



Private Frank Towe 5632 - 1st Battalion, Leicester Regiment
Killed 4 June 1915, age 33
'C' Company 1st Leicester Regiment ( Frank - Back Row Far Left)
Personal effects of Private Frank Towe 5632 - 1st Battalion, Leicester Regiment


Gunner George Henson Lockwood 77643 - 226th Siege Battalion, Royal Garrison Artillery
Killed 29 March 1918, age 29 
Louisa Lockwood mother of Gunner George Henson Lockwood
Wimereux Communal Cemetery, Pas De Calias, France



Private - Pioneer Corps
Died at The General Hospital, Loughborough, Leic. on Saturday 13th July, 1946 Aged 32 as the result of a tragic motorcycle accident while home on leave.
Buried in family Plot B -1430 on 17 July 1946.  Barrow-upon-Soar Cemetery, Leicestershire, England  




The men on The Western Front never forgot their sweethearts back home.


Salley Steadman - Union Flag and Peggy Rennocks - Royal British Legion Standard


Remembrance Day 2007 - Barrow-upon-Soar, Leicestershire, England

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Ralph Bowles - 2008