Lieut.-General Edward Chippindall C.B. - Aide de Camp to Queen Victoria



For several years and up to his death in 1902, General Chippindall lived in CHIPPINDALL HOUSE on North Street next to The Hammer and Pincers Public House. It is now a private family residence.



 Aide de Camp to Queen Victoria

Colonel of the Alexandra Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regt 19th Foot)
Aged 74

Born at Cheetham Hill, Manchester, 4th October 1827, 3rd son of John Chippindall, J.P.,D.L.
Died at the residence of Major R. and Mrs. Biscoe (late 19th Foot) at Quendon Court, Newport, Essex of Apoplexy/stroke. General Chippendall rests in Burial Plot B-43 in Barrow-upon-Soar Cemetery.


Green Howards' General Staff - 1855

(General Chippindall 5th from the left and on the right in the small photo)


In portion - The Green Howards' Gazette, Vol. X. - No. 115. October, 1902. Portsmouth:

We deeply regret to announce the death of our Colonel-in-Chief, Genl. Chippindall, C.B., who passed away very suddenly on 12th September, while on a visit to major and Mrs. Biscoe (late 19th Foot) at Quendon Court, Newport, Essex. He arrived there from Leicester on the previous day apparently in the best of health and spirits, but was seized with apoplexy in the evening, never recovering consciousness, and died at 2.40 p.m. next the day.

His body was removed to his house at Barrow-upon-Soar, Leicestershire, for the funeral. He had been a regular follower of the Quorn Hunt ever since he left the service.

 'Lieutenant-General Edward Chippindall was born on the 4th of October, 1827. He entered the 32nd Foot and was appointed Ensign on  the 10th of December, 1847; promoted to Lieutenant, 9th January, 1849 and was transferred to the 19th Foot on the 2nd of November, 1849. Promoted to Captain, 23rd December, 1853; Brevet-Major, 2nd November, 1855; Major, 29th November, 1857; Brevet-Lt.-Col., 9th March, 1865; Lt.-Col., 7th March, 1870; Colonel, 14th August, 1872; Major-General, 13th February, 1883; Lieut.-General, 22nd December, 1886; Colonel Yorkshire Regiment, 16th November, 1896.

General Chippindall served through the Eastern campaign of 1854-5 with the 10th Regiment. He served with the 32nd Regiment during the latter part of the siege operations before Mooltan, 5th to 21st January, 1849, and was present at the surrender of the fort garrison on the 22nd January. Was at the surrender of the fort and garrison of Cheniote on the 9th and at the battle of Goojerat, 21st February, 1849, under General, Lord Gough receiving the medal with two clasps. He was one of the five officers of the Regiment who served continuously in the Crimea from start to finish of the campaign, including the affair of Bulganak, battles of Alma and Inkerman, affair at McKinzie's Farm, in the trenches during the whole of the siege operations before Sebastopol, including the attacks on Redan on 18th June - 8th September, where he was wounded. Brigade-Major to the Light Division, 24th October, 1855, to 10th June, 1856, Brevet of Major, mentioned in despatches, and received the medal with three clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honour, 5th Class of the Medjidie and Turkish medal, and C.B. Served in India during the Mutiny. He commanded the 1st Battalion - 19th Regiment during the Hazara Campaign of 1868, including the expedition against the tribes on the Black Mountain. Mentioned in Major-General Wilde's despatch (25th October, 1868), as "being a most distinguished officer and commanded his regiment admirably. Also in Brig.-General R. O. Bright's despatch "for untiring energy, and zeal" (medal and clasp).
After giving up command of the 2nd Battalion in January, 1868, he was placed on half-pay, and was appointed to command of the Brigade Depot at Leicester in April, 1878.
Aid de Camp to Queen Victoria, 13th August, 1872 to 12th February, 1883. Awarded the Commander of the Bath, and the medal with clasp.
He was promoted to the Generals' list in February, 1883, and was placed on the retired list with the rank of Lieutenant-General in December, 1886. Colonel Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regt 19th Foot) from 16th November, 1896.' He is listed in  'Who Was Who 1897-1915' Page 98. 

A brass plaque was placed in General Chippindall's memory in the Choir Vestry at Holy Trinity Church, Barrow-upon-Soar.  The plaque reads:


The East Window in the Chancel of Holy Trinity Church, Barrow-upon-Soar, was a gift of General Chippindall in 1890.

There is a record of a stained glass window dedicated to General Chippindall's mother in The Priory Church of St. Mary in Lancaster dated 1859 - The Resurrection. Memorial to the mother of Lt. Col. Edward Chippendall (ADC to Queen Victoria)  Ref:sV in the church guide.

On 13 September 2002, Ralph Bowles placed a Poppy Wreath of Remembrance on the grave of General Chippendall in honour of the centenary of his death. General Chippendall rests in Burial Plot B-43 in Barrow-upon-Soar Cemetery.



Aid de Camp to Queen Victoria, 13th August, 1872 to 12th February, 1883 


 Commander of the Bath, Knight of the Legion of Honour (France)